Human beings are visual learners. Did you know that 4 times the number of customers prefer to watch videos of products released into the market rather than read about them? The average attention span of human beings keeps dwindling by the day. Therefore, when someone sees a long, detailed text and a 2-minute video of the same, they’d naturally opt for the video as it looks shorter. That’s why you need to use a robust online video editor like to create quality videos.

Being relatable to your audience is the first step to successful marketing. Below are a few effective and foolproof strategies on how to seamlessly reach your target audience.

Optimize For Search

Three words, Search Engine Optimization. If you want to gain more traffic in the least amount of time, then always ensure that you optimize all your videos for search engines. You can easily do this by inserting target keywords in your titles, meta descriptions, and URL links. Inserting hashtags can also make your content discoverable during on-platform searches. With YouTube, you can opt to pay for pre-roll ads to ensure your video reaches a lot of viewers.

Your creativity will be a great asset when it comes to meticulously crafting your video titles and video descriptions. They should be catchy, short, and sweet but still descriptive so that your audience understands what your brand is all about. First impressions matter so definitely make it count. Choose a video editing tool that allows you to include content like keywords and hashtags, so that you can create a buzz for your brand.

Leverage All Social Media Platforms

If you are a noob then you might want to start with social media platforms where you already have a solid audience. However, if you’ve been in the game for a while, then take advantage of the surfeit of social media channels in the market today. YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, among others, offer amazing features and audiences for that video you are thinking of making.

In the spirit of promoting social media engagement, some applications have incorporated video-focused on-platform features like Watch Party. These are features that allow the users to attach long-form videos on channels, either for motivational or educational purposes. A good video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or an online video editor could be all the switching you need to reach your audience.

Speak To Your Audience

While it would be ground-breaking to reach all the users of social media platforms, it might just be a far cry when you are starting out. You can think of this as bonding with your special community of followers. Therefore, tailor your content so that it is right for your target audience. This is what sets you apart and who knows it, maybe even makes the community grow. You can use social media intelligence tools such as Unbox Social to get more insight into your current demographic. This includes the age bracket, gender, and geographic location of your audience. Having middle-aged men talk about barbie dolls would be detrimental to your brand, don’t you think?

If your audience can relate to you then you’ve won half the battle. You can explore a variety of video formats that resonate with your target audience. Some of these formats include:

  • How-to videos to offer a visual aid to customers who may find assembly and use of various products complex.
  •  Humorous videos for that much-needed laugh that melts your stress away.
  • Animations
  • Behind-the-scenes videos help build trust with your audience
  • Customer testimonials and case studies

Studies have revealed that humor sells. Human beings post and repost funny clips faster and widely compared to other types of videos. You can use the Lumen5, which is an AI-based online video editor, to make magic that will leave your audience yearning for more.

Sell Your Videos

After flexing your skills with a video editor of your choice, you can now work on promoting your videos. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If you are thinking of influencers and celebrities, then you are right. Most people look up to celebrities and half the time want to be like them. If Jay Z decided to wear skirts today, I’m sure the streets would have people in skirts in a few hours. Working with celebrities and loved influencers could be what your video needs to surpass a million views. You could also opt for the pre-roll ads on YouTube to gain a larger amount of traffic.

Boost the Quality Using an Online Video Editor

There’s no price to quality. Just as a designer Rolex watch makes a statement, a 4K resolution video is a force to reckon with. A good quality video will have you engaged on your screen because of the myriad of colors, tone, contrast, among others that promote the image quality in videos. Have you ever had to sit through a movie in 144p? Well, not only will you not see what’s going on in the frames clearly, it might just get boring after a while. Grainy videos take away from the images and videos, hence a viewer might contemplate hitting that dreaded skip button. An online video editor allows you to choose the quality of your final video before you can post it or share it over the Internet.

Final Thoughts

Having an offline editing program or online video editor tailored to your needs is the first step to a successful video. How you market your video, however, is what will set you apart from the pool that is video editing. You can start with your friends and family and later build up an audience that is relevant to your brand. You can do this!