If you love rapping and if you have heard Tory Lanez’s song “Say It”, then you must have room for curiosity to know many things about Tory Lanez. For instance, How tall is Tory Lanez, is Tory Lanez actually 5’3”? In fact, you are considered as one of the true fans of rapping when you are switching to Tory Lanez beats. Tory Lanez Net Worth

Tory Lanez Net Worth :

Tory Lanez’s Net Worth has been estimated at $2 million as of 2021. His most of the earnings  come from rapping, singing, producing, directing, and fashion designing. His debut release was a mix tape named T.L 2 T.O in the year 2009.  He became popular among the music lovers in the year 2015, for his best known single song “ Say It”.

Tory Lanez Net Worth
Tory Lanez Net Worth

There is no surprising that he is a millionaire, because he started his music career since 2009. In fact he started directing his own videos.  A year later, he released four more mix tapes for his fans. Namely, ‘Just Landed’ , Mr 1 verse Killah’, ‘Playing for keeps’, ‘ One Verse One Hearse’

Tory Lanez Biography and Early Life :

Tory Lanez is a popular rapper from Canada origin, who became famous after his release of ‘Lost Cause’ in the year 2014. He is a celebrated R&B and Hip Hop artist.  You must have known him for his remarkable works but do you wish to know about his early life and childhood? How his career comes to peak?

Early Life :

Tory Lanez was born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada with his birth name Daystar Peterson. His father Sunstar Peterson was a preacher, and later on, he became an ordained minister. Sunstar was a Barbadian origin. Sunstar was also a dancer and a TV performer.  

Sonstar was popular in his locality for his good activities. The local people, parishioners name him “The Man of God” . He also presented a book named “Destiny of Black Race”

Tory’s mother Luella Peterson was an African Dutch . She was a native of  Dutch Caribbean region. Luella died due to an unknown disease, when Tory Lanez was just 11 years old. Tory was very close to his mother. After her tragic death, Tory found consolation in Music.

After losing his mother at avery young age , he had gone the wrong way, in short he was misguided.  He started smoking Marijuana and skipped school lessons for no reason. He became a troubled teenager. So, his father Sonstar sent him to his grand mother’s place.  In the initial days, grand mother used to take care of him, but later she refused to take care of Tory, as he was problematic, and grand mother was not ready to take more care about him.

Tory Lanez started to take care of himself and started his journey as a musician at the age of 16. Tory Lanez Net Worth

Inspite having all the troubles, Tory Lanez has a close and god relationship with his father Sonstar. In fact Sonstar is quite happy for what his son is doing and he also feels proud of him. There is a good connection between Tory and Sonstar.

Tory’s dearest sister Destiny is also a part of the team work “One Umbrella”.

Tory Lanez Quick Biography :

Original Name : Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson

Nick Name : Argentina Fargo, Notorious

Stage Name : Tory Lanez

Date of Birth : 27 July, 1992

Tory Lanez Age : 28 years as of 2021

Zodiac Sign : Leo

Education : Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School

Birth Place : Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Nationality : Canadian

Eye Colour : Black

Hair Colour : Black

Hair Type : Tight Curls

Occupation : Canadian Rapper, Record Producer, Song writer, Singer, Beat Maker, Fashion Designer

Tory Lanez Net Worth

Genres : Alternative R & B, Electronic, R & B, Hip – Hop, Dance hall

Parents : Son Star Peterson (Father ); Luella Peterson (Mother)

Siblings : Destiny Peterson (sister) , (He also have, two younger half siblings from paternal side)

Marital Status : Single

Girlfriend/Affairs : N/A

Tory Lanez Height : Tory Lanez’s height is 5’3’’ , he is shorter as compared to other average rapper.

Tory Lanez Weight : 143 lbs (65 Kg)

Years Active : 2009 – present

Debut Album : I Told You

Labels : One Umbrella (Founder), Universal, Mad Love, Inter scope, Time is Money.

Website : www.swavenation.com

Does Tory Lanez have Dual Citizenship ?

The famous rapper Tory Lanez of the mixtape “Lost Cause” has an interesting life story. He overcame all the obstacles he met during his early years. Because of his dedication and true love for music, he managed to gain phenomenal success in the music industry. Fans around the world love his work. Tory Lanez Net Worth

Tory was born in Toronto, Canada. By this , he is a Canadian . At his young age, his parents shifted to Florida, United States. And after that they resettled in America. He spent many years in both the countries. So, personally he is a citizen of Canada and a citizen of America too.

Tory Lanez Net Worth
Tory Lanez Net Worth

Things you must know about Tory Lanez : 

1 . Lanez is a sensation on Social Media : 

Lanez keeps updated on his social media handles. He has millions of fans on his social media.  He has 2 million followers on Twitter and he has more than 10 million followers on Instagram.  He posts about his events and recent works on social media platforms.

2. The connection with Sean Kingston :

When Tory was in the initial phase of his music career , Sean Kingston discovered him . Sean Kingston was amazed to see, young Tory’s talent, so he became his mentor and guided him to grow. Tory Lanez is grateful to Sean Kingston.

Tory Lanez Net Worth

3. He is popular for his few famous songs :

Songs like “Say It”, “Luv”, “Talk to Me” , “Kika”, “Litty” are the ways of his popularity. For his debut album “I Told You” , he was nominated for Grammy awards.

4. He is multi talented artist :

At the same time, Tory Lanez is a rapper, song writer, record producer, fashion designer, director , musician, in fact he has much knowledge about life, which is helping him to become more successful in his career.

Tory Lanez Net Worth

5. His birth name is not Tory Lanez :

Tory’s parents named him Daystar Peterson. His nick name “Lanez” used to be given with the meaning of Hakeem.

Conclusion :

We are happy that, even after lots of struggles, Tory Lanez is popular in the entertainment industry because of his talent and great know-how. We are wishing him good luck in his future, and also expecting new releases soon as we have already gone through ‘Loner”. In this article, we have discussed his life, we hope you enjoyed reading and you have got to know a little more about Tory Lanez.