How Boxers get paid? By only decided purse or any sponsors or basic salary payroll or What?? This is the common question among followers but I observed there is no quick, authenticated, and short answer about boxing salaries.

So I researched for one week and compiled this list. Includes Heavyweight, Cruiser-weight/Jr. Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Super Middleweight, Middleweight boxers.

A long and lengthy article but informative.

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  1. First I added a few images which tell about Famous boxers Purses.
  2. In next image and table, I sorted the other 150 boxers purses and salary in alphabetical order mostly from the USA, UK, and Canada.

You may read the table and other finance details below or you can open images in a new tab for a better view.  Click the images which are given below (complete chart).

Top 150 Pro Boxers Salary List and Purses
Top 150 Pro Boxers Salary List and Purses

Table Format:

BoxerAverage purseBase SalaryHis own earning per fight
Adrien Broner1,320,000$165,000$1,122,000
Adrien Broner1,200,000$150,000$1,020,000
Alexander Povetkin7,000,000$875,000$5,950,000
Alfredo Angulo700,000$87,500$595,000
Amir Khan1,000,000$125,000$850,000
Andre Berto900,000$112,500$765,000
Andre Dirrell2,650,000$331,250$2,252,500
Andre Ward2,150,000$268,750$1,827,500
Andy Ruiz Jr15,000$1,875$12,750
Anthony Joshua190,000$23,750$161,500
Antonio Tarver1,100,000$137,500$935,000
Bermane Stiverne1,500,000$187,500$1,275,000
Bermane Stiverne1,000,000$125,000$850,000
Bernard Hopkins1,500,000$187,500$1,275,000
Bernard Hopkins900,000$112,500$765,000
Billy Joe Saunders210,000$26,250$178,500
BJ Flores65,000$8,125$55,250
Bryant Jennings750,000$93,750$637,500
Canelo Alvarez2,200,000$275,000$1,870,000
Canelo Alvarez2,450,000$306,250$2,082,500
Carl Froch5,000,000$625,000$4,250,000
Chad Dawson642,000$80,250$545,700
Daniel Jacobs20,000$2,500$17,000
Danny Garcia1,300,000$162,500$1,105,000
David Price825,000$103,125$701,250
Deontay Wilder1,200,000$150,000$1,020,000
Deontay Wilder1,000,000$125,000$850,000
Derek Edwards350,000$43,750$297,500
Devon Alexander650,000$81,250$552,500
Devon Alexander675,000$84,375$573,750
Erislandy Lara450,000$56,250$382,500
Felix Sturm420,000$52,500$357,000
Floyd Mayweather Jr40,000,000$5,000,000$34,000,000
Fres Oquendo1,000,000$125,000$850,000
Gennady Golovkin750,000$93,750$637,500
Gennady Golovkin400,000$50,000$340,000
George Groves3,000,000$375,000$2,550,000
Jean Pascal2,000,000$250,000$1,700,000
Jermain Taylor1,300,000$162,500$1,105,000
Jermall Charlo275,000$34,375$233,750
Jonathan Gonzalez65,000$8,125$55,250
Juan Manuel Marquez1,500,000$187,500$1,275,000
Julio Ceasar Chavez Jr2,000,000$250,000$1,700,000
Keith Thurman1,500,000$187,500$1,275,000
Keith Thurman1,350,000$168,750$1,147,500
Lamont Peterson200,000$25,000$170,000
Leo Santa Cruz700,000$87,500$595,000
Lucas Browne450,000$56,250$382,500
Lucas Matthysse400,000$50,000$340,000
Manny Pacquiao20,000,000$2,500,000$17,000,000
Manuel Charr23,000,000$2,875,000$19,550,000
Marcus Browne200,000$25,000$170,000
Miguel Cotto7,000,000$875,000$5,950,000
Mike Alvarado635,000$79,375$539,750
Mike Perez100,000$12,500$85,000
Nonito Donaire950,000$118,750$807,500
Ola Afolabi1,300,000$162,500$1,105,000
Paul Williams1,000,000$125,000$850,000
Peter Quillin1,750,000$218,750$1,487,500
Robert Guerrero1,250,000$156,250$1,062,500
Robert Guerrero1,750,000$218,750$1,487,500
Sean Monaghan25,000$3,125$21,250
Sergio Martinez1,450,000$181,250$1,232,500
Sergio Mora290,000$36,250$246,500
Steve Cunningham250,000$31,250$212,500
Timothy Bradley6,000,000$750,000$5,100,000
Timothy Bradley4,500,000$562,500$3,825,000
Tommy Karpency18,000$2,250$15,300
Tony Thompson100,000$12,500$85,000
Tyson Fury2,800,000$350,000$2,380,000
Vanes Martirosyan80,000$10,000$68,000
Vyacheslav Glazkov120,000$15,000$102,000
Yoshihiro Kamegai75,000$9,375$63,750
Zab Judah475,000$59,375$403,750

Boxing, Fame and Money

Earning a reputable name in the game of boxing is very difficult. In boxing, earning millions is a tough art and only a few can do that but earning small amounts at lower stages is quite easy, it all depends on your skills as well as the fame you are carrying with yourself.

Boxing in America and Mexico

An amateur boxer in North America and Mexico doesn’t get a salary as well as cannot fight in professional rounds. They fight for the love of the game they have and to master their skills to become the best. You may compare boxers’ income with UFC salaries and know who is getting more.

Earnings of a professional boxer

It’s very difficult to determine the amount a professional boxer earns as it depends a lot on sponsorships, manager, popularity, and other factors.

In early times there was a guaranteed amount of $300 no matter what will be the result of the match but a winner was able to get an amount from $200 – $770 in a big event. A winner would get a minimum of $180 for a single victory in an ordinary match.

Top 150 Pro Boxers Salary List and Purses
Top 150 Pro Boxers Salary List and Purses
  • S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that professional athletes, a category that includes professional boxers, had a following earnings breakdown:-
    -> An average salary of $75,760 in 2013.
    -> A median salary of $40,060.
    -> Professional boxer’s salaries can be as low as $18,040 a year. Professionals can fight a limited number of times in a year and there earnings are different with each fight.

Professional Fights at Upper Levels

Lets continue our boxers salary discussion.. Most professionals earn a fixed salary of $2,300 per fight, which increases as the opposition test your skills.

At much higher levels, the annual salary is considered by some amount of fights, the base of a professional boxer is considered at a scale of $500,000 and it all depends on the other factors like how much you get paid from your promotional agencies and sponsors.

Fame, Skills and Third parties

The majority of times the boxer’s fame is the main factor in earning him/her good money compared to the skills. They take the most percentage from the ticket sales of a fight and the winning bag can be up to $1 Billion a fight.

Broadcasting rights, as well as competition rights, also help in the earnings of a boxer and this is the most profitable business in China and the United States of America where great fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Saul Canelo Alvarez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Timothy Bradley, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Ruslan Provodnikov, among others with great fame and good skills have the audience on the edge and make millions of dollars in this way in every fight.

Earnings showoff

There are many fighters who can earn about $12 Million a year for different items as Juanma Marquez and more than $30 Million in just 1 fight, no matter you win or lose as in the case of Floyd Mayweather against Marcos ‘Chinese’ Maidana.

He won $ 100 Million in his fight against ‘El Canelo’, where the popularity is the most important with respect to economically. 

Floyd Mayweather is the #1 ranked boxer on this planet who earned $105 Million in 2015 and is currently having a net worth of $280 Million.

Impact of Social Media on the earnings

Most of the earnings are also due to the popularity on social media like Twitter and Facebook but these earnings can suddenly go down due to scandals, match-fixing, drugs etc. Huge fan bases can take the earnings to a whole new level.

Boxing salary

Boxing as a profession is now being adopted by loads of people. Probably because of the high earnings associated with the profession but recently I read an article by Faryal Makhdoom, the wife of an eminent boxer “Amir Khan”.

She wrote how tough life is as a boxer and how much effort it takes. According to her, it’s one of the toughest sport and it’s really hard to make a living for a boxer. Since there are too many health/life risks associated with this profession, the returns are high too.

According to a survey we found out that the average salary of a boxer is approximately $75, 760. And during his lifetime he is expected to earn almost $3000, 000. 

In my point of you, it all depends on your skills and luck. Professional boxers earn millions of dollars per year ever after their retirement for example Mike Tyson.

For amateur boxers, the starting salary package is not very attractive but once you establish a good name in the market then you’ll earn loads and loads of cash.

Normally their pay level is associated with their weights.  They range from heavyweight, cruiserweight boxers to middleweight boxers and the pay scale varies from one to the other. There is no fixed income for one class of boxers.

Adrien Broner is a celebrated boxer who earns 1,320,000 dollars on average. Similarly, another boxer named Yoshihiro Kamegai earns approximately $75000 on average. So there are different salaries for different boxers.

Final Verdict

I believe it’s very hard to become a pro and then earn in millions and billions. Almost anyone able to pass a physical examination test, show a great boxing experience, and pay for the boxing license can become a professional boxer but it’s not that easy as it looks.

Many professional boxers, though, spend hours weekly in the gym and train for many and many years as amateur fighters before turning pro but even after a pro, you have to earn a huge reputation to earn fights against a good opposition which also guarantees a good reward in terms of money, rankings and fame.