This generation of men belongs to tatted, bearded, and long-haired men. When we talked about tatted Musicians, one name would have popped in your head. 

Yes, you are right! 

We are talking about Tom MacDonald. 

He is the definition of hotness and talent. But apart from his punk looks, he has so much more to offer to his fans. Nobody would have ever thought that white boys could be good at rapping. 

White Rapper: Hip Hop Trend Setter

Hip Hop culture has always been full of black artists, and they are the ones who introduced this music genre to the industry. The culture is dominated by black rappers, but we can’t deny the fact that the best rappers of this generation are mostly white.

Eminem is the best example. He has now become a role model for many emerging artists today. Speaking of a white rapper, Tom MacDonald has also proved his worth in the hip hop industry. 

Behind that tatted face, weird-looking dreads on the head, as well as piercings on his face, lies a beautiful human being. After he claimed his stakes in the music industry, he has caused ripples in airwaves.

The rapper embodies the phrase called ‘a walking contradiction”. 

He is also known for his satirical and sarcastic rap songs. His looks give gangster vibes, but when it comes to his music, it is the complete opposite. He may look stonehearted outside, but is a complete softy from the inside. And this is why his fans never forget to shower his love.

Title Track Defines Mac Donald

His lyrical prowess proves how talented he is. And a man like him needs more love and appreciation from the world. When it comes to music, he takes it very seriously. 

“There is always a light at the end of the tunnel” 

These are lines from one of the tracks titled The Hard Way track by Tom MacDonald.  There are more tracks where his lyrics speak a lot to the listener. 

Mac Donald Persona

Many rappers from this generation support drugs and rap about it in their tracks, but our Tom MacDonald dislikes it. 

He not only hates drugs but also feels that this vice should be stopped in the songs. Seriously, it needs guts to stand against drugs in today’s generation.

The rappers in today’s generation have changed the meaning of rapping. Some are even taking their fans in a different direction, which is so wrong. But MacDonald remains true to the music and his fans.

His fans love his raps because he addresses not only social ills such as drug addiction but also discrimination and racism.

He is a blunt human being and wants to pass the message to all the worthy people out there that it is okay to be different from others. Every individual has the right to live without being labeled even if they are lesbians or gays.

Besides, MacDonald is not a fan of mumble rappers. He feels that such artists are an insult to the fraternity.

His female fans are crushing hard on him, and if you are one of them too, then at the end of this article, you will surely fall in love with this rapper for his beautiful personality. He is the kind of guy who will cry along with his fans and feel their pain.

So are you ready to dive into the world of Tom MacDonald? From his professional to his personal life, here we have added everything you need to know about this Canadian rapper. So let’s get started!


You might have read the same old biography on various websites, but we are providing you more details about this Canadian rapper, which will bring your ten times closer to him. 

Tom Macdonald Net Worth and Biography In Detail
Tom Macdonald Net Worth and Biography In Detail

You will feel like meeting your favorite rapper for the first time again. The most basic question a new fan asks his favorite artist is their age. Yes, we know age is just a number, but still, some are curious to know their age. It makes us feel special to know everything about our favorite artists, doesn’t it? 

Want to know how old is tom MacDonald? 

Well, the Canadian rapper was born on September 21, 1988. So, after doing all the math, it makes him 30 years old this year. Now let’s move to another section to know more about how he became a well-known rapper in the music industry.

Tom Macdonald’s Career:

Currently, the singer lives in Los Angeles. He moved from Canada to the United States with the help of a student visa. But did you know his profession before stepping into the world of music? 

MacDonald spends several teenage years in wrestling. Now, we know where his intimidating but handsome looks come from.

We must say that he has had quite a journey!

At the age of MacDonald became a pro wrestler in Canada and won many hearts in the country. Besides, he also participated in a bi-weekly TV show in Alberta on a Pay per View show.

He had great matches with notable WWE Super Stars. Soon he set a successful career in the wrestling industry.

However, his heart wanted something else. His eyes were set on Hip Hop, and hence, he ditched wrestling and made his way towards the music industry.

He is a very focused person, so when he is adamant to do something, he uses all his creativity and power to make it true.

He first rapped in a track named Wannabe in 2014, but he did not gather many fans. He had made his decision to become a successful rapper, so he did not lose his hopes.

After struggling for four years, he rose to fame after his track titled Helluvit released in 2018. And as the years went by, he matured with time too.


Currently, the rapper boasts 300k+ followers on Instagram, more than 500k YouTube Subscribers, as well as 50k+ followers on Twitter.  As the months went by, he produced more tracks, and one of his songs titled Dear Rappers gained more than 400 thousand views on YouTube.

WOWW, Right!

Now, let’s know him more!

Tom MacDonald Family:

Tom MacDonald has kept his family life private.

His mother Lee Ann Macdonald has played a significant role in his life by nurturing him and making him the great human being that he is now. Recently, MacDonald expressed his love and gratitude for his mother for helping him in achieving success.

Apart from that, he has also dedicated his music to his mum. MacDonald may seem like momma’s boy, but his father has played an equal role to make him a better man. 

On his Instagram profile, he had shared numerous photos of himself with his pops. It shows how much he is close to his family.

Tom MacDonald Girlfriend: Who Is His Lady Love?

Tom’s fans have always seen him around girls, but he is quite a gentleman. For over a decade, he has been committed to his girlfriend named Nova Rockafeller. Surprised much? 

Tom Macdonald Net Worth and Biography In Detail
Tom Macdonald Net Worth and Biography In Detail

Well, his old fans already know his lady love, and they ship them together. Nova is extremely beautiful, and both of them are compatible with each other.

Even Macdonald’s female fans are happy for them sticking together through thick and thin. Aside from that, the duo also has a punk band called GFBF, which they created in 2017. Till now, the band has created eight albums and more to come.

Macdonald’s girlfriend is from Edmonton, Canada as well. So now we can understand, the rapper has toured all around the globe, but his heart was stolen by his own country girl. 

We hope Whiteboy hit-maker continues to make great tracks with his gorgeous girlfriend.

Tom MacDonald Music Albums:

Tom is a pretty busy man and dedicated to his music. In the past few years, he has dropped several albums to show his dedication and hard work to his fans. Surprisingly, not only his fans but other artists have also appreciated his work. 

Some of his top albums include Deathreats (2018), Therapy EP (2017), Dream People and the Whisky Wars (2015), See You Tomorrow (2015), MacBeth EP (2015), LeeAnn’s Son (2014), and more to release.

Tom MacDonald’s new album includes Killing the Neighbors (2020), and Ghostories (2019). Recently, he dropped a new track titled Cancer, which crossed 1 million views on YouTube. For him, this new video is the most important song he has ever dropped.

Want to know why? He dedicated his track to his grandmother, who got declared cancer-free last week, and to his grandfather, who lost his fight years ago.

What is Tom MacDonald net worth?

Do you want to know Tom Macdonald’s wealth, then keep reading further!

Before venturing into the music industry, MacDonald already gained fame after wrestling for 6 years. Unfortunately, his earnings as have pro wrestler have not been made public. But we know that he has gathered a huge fortune till now!

After stepping into the music industry, his tracks have now become a source of income. He is also making money through his worldwide tours, and YouTube account. 

Tom Macdonald’s net worth in 2020 is around $25 million. However, no matter how much he earns, for him, his wealth and his prized possession are his fans.


We hope that this piece of information entertained you with juicy insights about Tom MacDonald. We would like to end this article with a beautiful quote by Tom MacDonald 

For the first time in a while – the milestone doesn’t seem to matter. What matters is how many people it helps.” May his fame keep growing worldwide, and may he keep entertaining his fans in upcoming years.