Every now and then you must tune into YouTube for videos which make you feel great, whether to learn something or to put something from your end. If you love comedy, parodies and rapping songs then precisely you have switched to Ryan Upchurch’s channel on YouTube with the name Upchurch Talk. Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

He is an American rapper cum performer. He started his career as a comedian. He used to make funny videos for his fans to make them happy in their day to day life. He is immensely popular on YouTube.

Ryan Upchurch has a net worth of $4 million. He earns from rapping, comedy shows, song writing and parodies. He is great performer. Also, it is said that he embarked on the musical journey of his life to get rid of the pain of separation from his girlfriend. He is most popularly known as country music rapper. Usually, Ryan Upchurch earns around $62K per year.

While doing videos as Upchurch talk, he had created the Upchurch and Redneck character. During that time he released his debut single named “ Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread” His YouTube channel has over 3.38 million subscribers. So, he earns from his channel as well.

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth
Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

Ryan Upchurch Biography :

Full Name : Ryan Edward Upchurch
Popular Name : Upchurch / Redneck
Date of Birth : May 24, 1991
How old is Ryan Upchurch : Age as of 2021 , 29 years
Place of Birth : Ash land City Tennessee , (Cheatham Country, on the outskirts of Nashville , Tennessee)
Country : Tennessee
Parents : Unknown
Siblings : Austen (Brother)
Ryan Upchurch wife : Unmarried, ( he got engaged to Brianna Vanvleet.)
Occupation : Singer, Rapper, Comedian, Song Writer
Years Active : 2014 – present
Genres : Southern Hip Hop, Rap Rock, Country Rap, Hip hop, Country rock, Southern Metal
Website : www.rednecknationstrong.com
Labels : Redneck Nation
Associated with : Luke Combs, for the song “Outlaw”
Zodiac Sign : Gemini
Ryan Upchurch height : 5’0” (1.83m) approx
Ryan Upchurch weight ; 76 kg
Eye Colour : Blue
Hair Colour : Brown
Social Media : Facebook , Instagram, YouTube

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth
Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

Ryan Upchurch Early life Music Career :

Ryan used to grow up in a middle class family, he worked very hard to reach this position and satisfy all his needs. The humorous character Upchurch, The Redneck created by Ryan has broken all the stereotypes of young people in the Deep South.

Ryan Upchurch’s career was started through YouTube videos. His first release was an extended play named “Cheatham Country” . in 2015 and after that he released a full – length music album “ Heart of America” in 2016.

These both releases have opened the door for him in the entertainment industry. These releases have got position under Top 30 of “Billboard Top Country Albums” . In fact, there was a record that his album, “Heart of Release” had been sold 1300 copies in just the first week.

Then he released another album “Chicken Willie” , which occupied 11th position in “Billboard Top Country Album” , 2800 copies sold in the first week.

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth
Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

In 2017 , Upchurch released “ Summer Love” where he introduced his brother Austen, this release had been sold 3700 copies. Like this his musical journey is going on and let us have quick knowledge about his music journey.

Upchurch is also popular among his friends as Upchurch the Redneck. The RHEC clothing line is being sponsored by Redneck Nation.
Son of South (29th position) , it has been sold 48,100 copies.
King of Dixie, release year 2017, it has 19 tracks.

His album ‘creeker’ release year 2018, it is a mixture of Rapping and rock
Supernatural , release year 2018 it is a combination of rap elements and rock , this has taken No 6. On Billboard’s Top Country albums.
River Rat has taken 22nd position in the year 2018.
In 2019, he release Creeker II , which has 10 songs . The same year he released ‘Parachute’

Is Ryan Upchurch still with Brianna ?

This is a great question among Upchurch’s fans that, is Ryan Upchurch still with Brianna ? We all know how music heals everyone’s soul and gives solace to the heart aches.

There is a saying that , Ryan Upchurch’s musical journey has been started , when he got separated from Brianna.
To eliminate the sufferings, he embarked into music. In the year 2015,Ryan Upchurch started dating Brianna Vanvleet. He loved her that much , he got engaged to her. They had shared the best moments together.

He also tweeted , that he wanted to marry Brianna soon. But, it was a mystery to his fans , what happened to them , and they had parted their ways . In 2016, their relationship has taken a back seat , and he tweeted that, he is single, and he is only in relationship with music.
He shared , many quotes on social media which are the hints that he is not in a relationship with Brianna anymore.

Also, Brianna’s social media handles have been inactive. But, their fans always keep an inquiry about whether they are together or not.
After breaking up with Brianna, he use to live in his house with his family. He also put one picture with his step mom on Facebook, which indicates that he is having good times with his family and friends.Ryan Upchurch Net Worth


So, those are the latest information about Ryan Upchurch . We are expecting feedbacks from your end, just to know whether we have provided the information you are looking for or not. We hope that, you have enjoyed his one of the latest release “ Said Fuck” . , “Melatonin” and “Miss My Buddies” . These 3 songs have millions of views on YouTube.
We are wishing the good wishes, and we are expecting for his new release in 2021.