Russell Crowe is a well-known actor, producer and musician. Russell Crowe net worth is near about $100 million dollars. He was born on 7th of April in the year 1964. His origin is in New Zealand.

  He had spent about ten years in his childhood in Australia, and returned there to permanently reside there when he was the age of 21. In his acting career he was under the guidance of his friend who is named Tom Sharplin. He had begun his career as a musician.

He was highly acclaimed for his role in Gladiator which was released in the year 2000. He had made his debut in acting in a 1972 episode of Spyforce which was titled “The Saviour Part 2”.


How Old Is Russell Crowe?

If you are interested to know about Russell Crowe age, then you have reached the correct place. The age of Russell Crowe is 57 years.

How Much Did Russell Crowe Get Paid For Gladiator?

Russell Crowe got a major break in Gladiator. But have you ever thought about How much Russell Crowe get paid for Gladiator? Russell Crowe got 5 million dollars as a form of remuneration for acting in the movie Gladiator.

Who Is Russell Crowe’s Wife?

Are you interested to know the name of Russell Crowe wife and probably some of you even have the question is Russell Crowe married? We have collected all the information that is required by you about the wife of Russell Crowe.

Being one of the most popular and  intensely handsome actors, fans often get intrigued about his love life and girlfriends.  Primarily it is important for us to know the name of the wife of Russell Crowe.

The name of his wife is Danielle Spencer. She was married to Russell Crowe from the year 2003 to 2014.


Notable Movies Of Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe movies are very popular. He is a very eminent actor in the industry. He had made some stellar performances in his movies. 

We have created a list for you which contains all the notable movies in which Russell Crowe has worked.

Name of the MovieThe Year When It Was Released
Prisoners of Sun1990
The Sportswood1991
The Romper Stomper1992
The Silver Brumbly1992
The Quick and the Dead1995
Heaven’s Burning1997
The Insider1999
The Master and the Commander- The far side of the World2003
American Gangster2007
The Man with the Iron Fists2012
Fathers and Daughters2015
The Mummy2017
Turtle Odeyssey2018
The True History of Kelly Gang2019
The Georgetown Project2021

Russell Crowe And Oscar?

Do you want to know interesting stories about Russell Crowe Oscar? Russell Crowe had won the prestigious award of Oscar three times. He won the Best Actor Award in the year 2001, 2002 and 2020.

He even revealed once that he struggled to enjoy his Oscar winning as he personally felt that the director was more worthy.

Did Russell Crowe got divorced with his Wife?

Here is everything that you need to know about Russell Crowe divorce.  Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer have been divorced for more than two years now and separated for more than seven years.

But many sources revealed that Russell is still in love with her.

Who is Russell Crowe Dating?

Russell Crowe in present day is dating Britney Theriot who is an American real estate agent. They are said to have met in the set of Broken City in the year 2013 but it’s been only a few months that they are seen together in public.

Russell Crowe Nationality

Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand but at the age of four they moved to Australia where he was raised and educated.

Russell Crowe Family

Russell Crowe, the New Zealand born Australian actor was born to Jocelyn Yvonne and John Alexander Crowe. His father even managed a hotel with his grandmother Stan Wemyss who was also a cinematographer.

He was married to Danielle Spencer until they got divorced in the year 2018. Crowe has two children with her. He also has an uncle Dave Crowe and two cousins Martin Crowe and Jeff Crowe.


Did Russell Crowe gain weight for the movie Unhinged?

Yes, Russell Crowe lost weight for his movie that is named Unhinged. Before this, when he was casted in Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies he also had to lose weight. This aspect of losing weight scared him to the core.

He had experienced all this struggle of losing weight to portray a mere character in the movie. He had to portray a character that has become unravelled and a psychopath.

He had to physically transform himself to someone who looked like someone who never bothered to stay healthy for many years.

How much weight did Russell Crowe gain for unhinged? He had gained about 63 pounds for the role.

Russell Crowe Physical Appearance

Russel Crowe height is 1.82 meter tall and weighs 92 kg.

Children of Russell Crowe
Let us now focus the light on Russell Crowe Children. He is the father of two sons. The name of his first son is Charles Spencer Crowe who took his birth on the 21 st of December, in the year 2003.

His second son, who is known by the name of Tennyson Spencer Crowe was born in the year 2006, on the 7th of July.


Russell Crowe’s Award And Nominations

Popular figure and leading actor Russell Crowe has been an inspiration to many. In all these years, he has been nominated  for several awards and positions and even won some of the most prestigious awards.

  Here we have created a list of his awards for you.

Nominated workYear
The Insider2000
A beautiful mind2002
Cinderella man2005
American gangster2007
State of play2009
The water diviner2014

Russell Crowe outside the acting field

Russell Crowe is not only a brilliant and successful actor but also a very famous musician. Russell Crowe band which he primarily formed with his friend Billy Dead grew into one of the most famous Australian rock bands and now is known to people by the name Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts (TOFOG).

Russell Crowe performed in the lead vocal and guitar position for the band.  The band in the year 2001 toured and performed all over the US on dates in Chicago, Portland, New York City, San Francisco and many other places.

  After collaborating with Alan Doyle he formed a new band named The Ordinary Fear of God with some members of the old band. This new band grew famous and performed in several places in the year 2005,2006.




To Conclude

Russell Crow, a versatile actor, musician , filmmaker and philanthropist has become crowds favourite for his on screen performances. He has won several academy awards and has become an inspiration to the millennials. Even as a philanthropist his contribution is very much praise worthy

. He donated thousands of dollars to many primary rural schools trying to provide basic education to the Australian rural kids.