Rick Ross has a current net worth of $35 Million. Some years back he was in debt for which he monthly gave payments of more than $9,500. Right now his annual earnings estimated around $7.5 million. He currently owns jewelry worth $70,000 which he mostly uses in his rapping as well as in public. He is laughing at all of us for criticizing him because of his bank balance.

  • Full Name: William Leonard Roberts II.
  • Rick Ross net worth: $35,000,000
  • Yearly Money: $7,500,000
  • Popular as: Rapper

Earning from this sons/Album

God Forgives, I Don’t $2,916,667
Teflon Don $2,187,500
Deeper Than Rap $2,000,000
Trilla $1,794,872
Port of Miami $1,521,739
Total money of these Albums: $10,420,778

Birth Day Date: January 28, 1976
Place of Birth: Carol City, Florida, USA

Rick Ross Net Worth (Rapper)
Rick Ross Net Worth (Rapper)

Rick Ross Rapper net worth in last years

2012: $17,000,000
2013: $20,000,000
2014: $26,165,000
2015: $30,000,000
2016: $35,000,000

My reviews about Rick Ross wealth status

The following are my own views about him. You may agree or disagree. I personally do not like this rapper that much. There are multiple reasons for it and I can assure you that you will agree on some of those.

He is not made for the true field of music. He came in as a rapper and is surviving because of it. Still, his rapping is not having an amazing quality like other top-class wealthy hip hop artists including 50 Cents, Lil Wayne JR, Tyga, and great Birdman.

Just compare Rick Ross net-worth with these rappers and you’ll get an idea yourself. Just consider him as a normal fat guy without a beard. You may love him some stuff like when you are driving a car with a loud sound but do not care about the lyrics.

He has some good beats skills in rapping but he is very much a limited artist. In my view, he doesn’t deserve such a big net worth.

Another bad thing in his music is the presence of lyrics which are not giving any kind of positive message. I do like him as a person but he is not my type of person whenever I look to download new music.

I still hope that he gets better with time because not all of his music is bad. The majority is bad but there are still some good pieces released by him.


With a net worth of US $35 Million, Rick Ross is among the richest rappers in the USA. He is not yet married however fathers a son through financial support.

Rick Ross Net Worth (Rapper)
Rick Ross Net Worth (Rapper)

He is a philanthropist as well; contributing thousands of dollars in tandem with mobilization campaign in favour of the victims of Haiti Earthquake. Moreover, his legal issues are also grim enough to label him as criminal; he had been involved in myriad of offences including weeds, drugs like cocaine and marijuana.

The future belongs to a celebrity with––not great bucks but–– greater respect and no record of crimes. Ross owns a mansion worth the US $5.5 Million with a car park holding vehicles of cumulative worth US $1.3 Million including two Benz and a Rolls Royce.

He is a frequent donor to his primary school based in Georgia; as of last year, he donated to student iPads as well as Reeboks.

Personally, I feel that Ross is good at heart for students as well as calamity stricken victims of natural disasters however the things he does for fun are sometimes took him behind bars.

If he desires greater fame alongside bucks, then all he needs is changing his ways and means towards that path. In future he plans to perform several tours at Brazil, Haiti and the US which are likely to be partially donated to the community he belongs.