We all know Real Madrid C.F. is one of the best soccer clubs in the world (not just EPL). But there is a big confusion about the exact salary distribution of their player.

So here we go. please keep in mind this list is totally updated according to 2016 like Cristiano Ronaldo earning £21 million this year while Rodríguez and Karim Benzema only earning £8,800,000 and £7,920,000 yearly:

Real Madrid salaries for best visual

Real Madrid salaries 2015 (updated)
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The content format which is already described in the above image + additional Real Madrid salary list info:

Player name:Contract untilMarket valueYearly Salary
Álvaro Arbeloa30-06-2017£4,400,000£2,200,000
Cristiano Ronaldo30-06-2018£105,600,000£21,120,000
Daniel Carvajal30-06-2019£15,840,000£2,640,000
Fábio Coentrão30-06-2019£17,600,000£3,520,000
Fernando Pacheco30-06-2016£704,000£352,000
Gareth Bale30-06-2019£70,400,000£11,733,333
Iker Casillas30-06-2017£7,040,000£2,346,667
James Rodríguez30-06-2020£52,800,000£8,800,000
Karim Benzema30-06-2019£39,600,000£7,920,000
Keylor Navas30-06-2020£8,800,000£1,760,000
Luka Modric30-06-2018£48,400,000£12,100,000
Nacho Fernández30-06-2020£5,280,000£1,056,000
Raphaël Varane30-06-2020£22,000,000£4,400,000
Sami Khedira30-06-2016£26,400,000£8,800,000
Sergio Ramos30-06-2017£39,600,000£13,200,000
Toni Kroos30-06-2020£39,600,000£6,600,000

As yesterday I received an email from Henry (a follower of the website) asking about Real Madrid updated salaries.

Each year salaries differ according to contract extensions. People usually say Carlo Ancelotti (current manager) providing big money for the long contract of key players but some players like Fernando Pacheco ignored in whole big money budget.