Rapper Tyga’s net worth is $6 million in 2022 which increased by $1 million as compared to last year. As the music industry is growing, it is becoming difficult for young people to make their names easily.

They face the difficulty of promoting their music because of existing big names in music whether they belong to hip hop, rock stars, or any music genre. There are many music videos of fresh voices that keep getting posted on social networks like Facebook, and Twitter which often make them famous.

  • Tyga’s net worth: $6 million
  • Fast and Furious earning: $1.5 million
  • Total Sue money: $70 thousand (details given)
  • Tyga Salary: $3 million yearly

One of the practice examples of those singers who got famous through this means is Tyga. His current yearly earnings (which is updated after Ride out from Fast and furious) is $1.5 million on average where Kid Ink also appeared. Last year Tyga’s net worth was $4 million and we already mentioned he improved his assets amount from $5 Million to $6 Million.

Michael Ray Nguyen Stevenson also known as “Tyga”. He has born on November 19, 1989, in Compton, California. At an early age, he was a shy kid but was a great fan of hip-hop artists.

He started rap music by posting videos on social media. He performed in the music band of his cousin Gym Class Heroes for the first time. Throughout his carrier, Drake supported him often. Currently, Drake and Tyga are good friends and members of Young Money Associates.

He also worked for Mac & Devin Go to High School where Wiz Khalifa, YG, and he performed composing. Besides more than one million yearly income he is not paying his home rent for the last two months. His landlord sued him for not paying $70k (2 months rent).

The first album of Tyga named No introduction was launched in 2008. Although, this album was not a big hit but surely made Tyga a popular hip-hop singer among young students.

He established good relations with famous singers including Lil Wayne which opened some great opportunities for him that including working with some brilliant musicians such as Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. You should compare Tyga’s net worth with these stars too and know who is the richest among all.


Well, his second album named Careless World: Rise of the Last King was a major hit in 2013. Some of his singles such as Dope, Make it Nasty, Still Got It, and Faded are some good music pieces.

It is only through their great efforts of him that is why he got nominated for many prestigious music awards and was able to earn $2 million yearly. He has a huge fan following who enjoy his concerts and love to buy music albums. He has given many good solos and group songs. He collaborated with top-level artists to launch super hit songs.

This American rapper began his career in 2007 and is flying really high. You may have read a hundred articles related to Tyga since he is related to the famous Kardashian family. Yes, the famous Tyga is Kylie Jenner’s current boyfriend and Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriend.

Tyga has a net worth of approximately 5 million dollars at this very young age!

He has a very luxurious lifestyle and owns up to 5 luxury cars. He even surprised his girlfriend Kyle with a brand new Ferrari for her 18th birthday. Isn’t this amazing? I’m sure it is.

Tyga has a fine taste in cars and owns a Mercedes SLS coupe (estimated at $221,580), Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe (estimated at $438,325), Mercedes G-wagon (estimated at $115,400), Mercedes SLS AMG (estimated at $221,580), Mercedes SLR McLaren (estimated at $452,750), Vintage Fogiato Impala and a Lamborghini Aventador (estimated at $397,500). This clearly shows that Tyga has a rich taste in both women and cars.

He also owns a $6.7 million house. Apart from that Tyga’s finances include a clothing brand located in Los Angeles called Last Kings, a watch line, and a $1.5 million deal with Reebok.

Tyga has successfully created an adult film site rackcityxxx.com which had an estimated net worth of approximately $12,000 in the first month. So it can be concluded that Tyga is among the richest young rappers and enjoys a highly affluent lifestyle with extreme fame and extravagant affairs.

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Tyaga’s Clothing Store

He owns an eminent clothing line of his own by the name of “Last Kings Co”, the clothing line basically consists of men’s wear. Although there is a small section of women’s apparel too the main target market is male-dominated. 

The clothing store has been recently launched, just a year ago and that explains why most people are still unaware of its launch. Maybe it hasn’t been marketed or promoted in a correct way which is why it isn’t able to gain a large market share until now.


Most of you have been aware of Tyga’s financial crisis. It has been rumored that he owes money to his ex-girlfriend Kylie too. In spite of all the financial problems, it has been heard that he had spent 120,000 dollars the ambiance of the store is similar to that of an Egyptian tomb, and Tyga has spent a great deal of money on the interior and the decorations.

The store is similar to an Egyptian Empire, with Tyga trying to be the king of an Egyptian empire.  It has been reported by various authentic sources that he had spent $100,000 to paint the store’s ceiling like the Sistine Chapel.

This is insane! This is nothing but a piece of extravagance. He has spent a fortune on designing, the walls, the paint, the interior, the exterior, the show pieces, and other accessories of the store. The store is flawless and amazingly beautiful.

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