I think he is one of the main reasons why people and I watch WWE for. He is one of the brand images of WWE. He is a star who steals the show and is obviously the main event star right now in WWE. He has a current net worth of $9 Million.

He is the owner of a $1.4 Million worth house. Currently, salary (2016) is $2.45 million annually. In 2014, he earned a salary of $1,250,000 and in 2015 he received a salary increment of $1,800,000.

Because of his promotions, ads, and acting with wrestling, he has a current market value of $15 Million. Let have quick look at finances stats and Orton biography.

Randy Orton Salary/carrier earning 2016:$2,450,500
Winning and other Bonus$816,833
Randy Orton Net worth:$9,000,000
Profession:Wrestler (WWE)
Endorsements/other Income:$612,625
Born Place: Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Born Date:1-Apr-80
Full or real name:Randall Keith
Market Value$12,252,500

I believe right now he is one of the reasons as well as a source of wealth and income for the WWE because of his popularity which results in the sale of tickets and merchandise. After him my second choice is Reigns. Who is yours?

Randy Orton net worth and salary
Randy Orton net worth
YearRandy Orton SalaryRandy Orton wrestler Net worthWinning Bonus
2016-2017 (according to contract)$2,818,075

“Randal Keith Orton” is not only a wrestler but an occasional actor too who is currently marked to WWE. He is a 4 time World Heavyweight Champion, making him a 12th titleholder of the belt and also the last holder of the World Heavyweight Championship.

He is a 3rd generation professional wrestler. His granddad “Bob Orton Sr”, father “Rancher Bob Orton” and uncle “Barry Orton” all took part in the professional wrestling. He also has a cousin who is an NXT superstar “Jasper Orton”.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States is the place where he was born. Randy Orton is one of the best professional wrestlers who was born on 1-Apr-80.

According to Forbes 2016 salary, Randall Keith is earning $2,450,500 per year while winning bonus is $816,833 Now you know how much Randy Orton earns. He has a market value of $12,252,500. Next year’s expected payroll of Randy Orton is $2,818,075.

After marking a contract with WWF, he turned into a member from the team Evolution, and with the help of team he won the Intercontinental belt which became his 1st WWE title. He also used the tag The Legend Killer when he started to beat the old and WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers.

At age 24, he turned into the youngest wrestler ever to hold the World Heavyweight title. With this win, he was excluded from the Evolution because he defeated the boss of Evolution to win this belt. In 2006, he united with “Edge” and formed a team as Rated RKO. He was also part of The Legacy in 2008.