Morgan Freeman (legendary actor) has an updated net worth of around $160 million. If you are asked do you know who Porterfield Freeman is? You would surely say NO! The reason being the fact that he is generally known as Morgan freeman than his original name. 

Morgan Freeman doesn’t need any kind of introduction whatsoever! All you need to do is to take his name and whoever you are asking it from would come up with countless movies he has worked in.

Recently he signed a few new movie contracts which will feature in 2017 like London Has Fallen ($105 million budget), Ben-Hur. Definitely it will make a big impact on his wealth.

Morgan Freeman net worth:$160 million which is updated from$150,000,00
Yearly Money:$25 million approx

Morgan Freeman income from these movies

  • Last Knights: $16 million
  • 5 Flights Up: $18 million
  • Olympus Has Fallen: $22 million
  • Dirty Old Men: $12 million
  • London Has Fallen (2017): $25 million contract

He has been a part of countless movies that have been loved by the audience all over the world. He is basically a brand and this brand has a net worth of $160 million.


He is also considered to be on the top ten of the list that features the richest black celebrities from all over the world. Companies throughout the globe look forward to taking Morgan freeman as their brand ambassador as they know if he is on the cover of the billboard, customers will surely go to buy their products.

However, the actor is more into acting in movies than known as a commercial artist. He has also given his voice to a lot of movies owing to the fact that he has quite a heroic voice that movie makers always look for.

Morgan Freeman net worth variation with time

However, one thing that is of great importance here is the fact that Morgan Freeman is still not on the top of the list of the richest black personalities in the world even though he is a great actor and a producer.

There are lots of other actors who are even richer than him and have secured their place as the top five richest blacks in the world.

For example, the actor Denzel Washington has a net worth of $150 million which is quite high compared to the net worth of Morgan freeman. Not only this but Ice Cube who is also quite a famous rapper/actor has a net worth of $120 million.

Morgan Freeman’s total worth is $160 million in 2016. He started his carrier in 1964 and soon made himself a superstar of the American industry. His estimated earnings per year are $25,00,000. He earned money by signing these films contracts:

Last Vegas, London Has Fallen, Lucy, Now You See Me, Ruth & Alex, Ted 2, The Last Knights, The Lego Movie, Transcendence, Wish Wizard, and so on…

We also mentioned Morgan Freeman’s income per film in the above bullets. He also earns from sponsorship and featuring in programs which amount is approx $5 million