“Biography is a history seen through the prism of a person.”

You might have read so many biographies of famous actors and singers. It is s different kind of urge to know everything about a good actor and his/her life, isn’t it?

But there are so many beautiful people doing tremendous amount of good work and producing good music with their hard work that we feel it’s our duty to give details about these personalities and make them more popular amongst public.

Who is the person we are talking about here? Lindsey Stirling.

We know you have heard this name several times. We know you are aware with her work and talents but what about the other details?

The details that are mentioned in our content box:

Lindsey Stirling’s net worth
Lindsey Stirling’s age 
Lindsey Stirling’s height
Lindsey Stirling’s relationship status
Lindsey Stirling’s work life and achievements

So, how many answers do you already have amongst the questions in the content box? You don’t know anything about most of them, right?

Don’t worry, after reading this piece of information on Lindsey Stirling, you will know her through and through.

‌Lindsey‌ ‌Stirling‌ ‌Net‌ ‌Worth
‌Lindsey‌ ‌Stirling‌ ‌Net‌ ‌Worth

Lindsey Stirling’s Life in a Nutshell

Brace yourself and continue reading because you are about to know the net worth of Lindsey Stirling. How much does Lindsey Stirling make? Isn’t this the very first question that strikes our minds when we hear about a famous personality?

We ought to judge them by their net worth and the money they make.

Well, this boss lady has created a fortune of worth $12Million dollars for herself with her sheer hard-work and dedication towards her work.

But how did she managed to reach here? How she became famous? And what about her early life?

Now, let’s find answers to all of these questions together.


The American songwriter, violinist, dancer and performer, Lindsey Stirling was born in Santa Ana, California, USA.

Daughter of Stephen and Diane Stirling, Lindsey is the second child and has an ender and a younger sister as well.

How old is Lindsey Sterling? 

Well, Lindsey Stirling’s age is 34 years and she celebrated her 34th birthday in September 2020.

She was born on 21st September 1986.

Since childhood, Stirling was passionate about learning violine and dancing. But due to her parent’s financial conditions, she had to choose only one and so, she chose violine, Stirling said in an interview. Since 20th may 2007, Stirling is running her YouTube channel successfully.

Her other personal details include:

Lindsey Stirling height5’3” (160cms)
Sun signVirgo
Relationship statusSingle
Ex- boyfriendDevin Graham 
City Gilbert, Arizona, USA

And now you know everything about your girl’s early and personal. But what about the professional one?

Who is going to tell you about her debut album and work? 


Her movie career and the awards she has won for her powerful performances?

Don’t worry about all that, reader, because your favourite violinist Lindsey Stirling’s professional achievements are about to be discussed with you thoroughly.

Read below to grab all the information about Stirling’s musical career and work life.


          Year                 Work achievements
2010America’s got talent 
2012Debut studio album
2013First world tour
2014Shatter me album
2015The only pirate at the party
2016-18Brave enough and dancing with the stars
2019- presentArtemis
2020String sessions

Films and TV:

YearTitleCharacter Additional info
2015Breaking through Phelba 
2017Lindsey Stirling: brave enoughHerselfDocumentary
2017Dancing with the starsHerselfSeason 25th’s Contestant 
2018The outpost Pock Season 1, episode ^
2018America’s got talentHerself Season 13 finale, guest performer

So, now you know everything our girl did since the very beginning of her career. This is how she managed to create a fortune for herself, a net worth of $12million.

But has she got any awards? 

‌Lindsey‌ ‌Stirling‌ ‌Net‌ ‌Worth
‌Lindsey‌ ‌Stirling‌ ‌Net‌ ‌Worth


She did so much work in the music industry. What about the awards she backed for her hard work?

Yes! She got so many awards over the years and here is a list of all of them just for you.

YearAwardCategoryWork? Nominee
2013YouTube awardsResponse of the yearRadioactive
2013Best choreography Lindsey Stirling
2014German echo music awardsBest crossover actLindsey Stirling
2014Streamy awardsBest musical artistLindsey Stirling
2015YouTube awardsArtist of the yearLindsey Stirling
2015German echo music awardsBest crossover actShatter me
2015Billboard music awardsTop dance/ electronic albumShatter me
2016Streamy awardsBest cover song“Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen
2016Shorty awardsBest YouTube magicianLindsey Stirling
2017Billboard music awardTop dance/ electronic albumBrave enough 

All of the prestigious awards mentioned above are won by the one and only Lindsey Stirling.

Just like we told you earlier, this girl is hardworking and definitely a Rockstar.

So, tell us which song of Lindsey you love the most? Or maybe one of her choreographies?


Having a net worth of $12 million is not too difficult if you are as passionate, determined, and hardworking as our violinist Lindsey Stirling is.