Are you also a die heart fan of Kevin Samuels ? Well, a human of personality and character like him would no doubt have millions of fans like you! Kevin Samuels net worth in 2021 is 4 million dollars.

As loyal fans, we tend to have a lot of questions regarding your idol’s private life and stuff.

Especially when it’s Kevin Samuels who is a very successful youtuber, dating expert, social media influencer, life coach, and image consultant with millions of fans, anyone would be curious enough to know what actually is Kevin Samuels net worth?

This article will help you know Kevin Samuels a lot with all the truthful facts regarding him and his net worth!

So, are you ready to gain some insights regarding your favourite celebrity? Let’s get started!

Kevin Samuels Net Worth
Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Early History Of His Life

Kevin Samuels belongs to Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He was born on 13th of March, 1965, sharing the sun sign of Pisces.

Those of you who were not aware of kevin samuels birthday, now keep notes of kevin samuels date of birth so that you don’t miss out wishing him next time! Kevin Samuels age as of now is 56 years. But if you see him in real life or even photos, no-one can believe that such a dashing, handsome and so young looking man has crossed his 50s.

Due to some privacy and personal issues, Kevin has not shared anything about his parents which we respect. Some of his close sources do share that at a young age, his parents split up and he used to stay with his mother. He is the only child of his parents.

About his religion and ethnicity, he believes in Christianity and is believed to be a very religious person of faith. He is an African-American person and takes full pride in it.

Kevin Samuels owes a lot of his success to his education! Let’s gain some knowledge regarding it.

Academic Background Of Kevin Samuels

Talking about his schooling and qualifications, for a better education experience, he moved to Oklahoma after his parents’ separation. From there, he completed his schooling from Millwood High School. In school life too, he was good in studies and was one of the most talented and fashionable students!

After his high school, he seemed to be interested in engineering, and so, he pursued Chemical engineering from the well profound University of Oklahoma and gave a stop to his studies after graduation from there and did various jobs.

That was about his academics, but what about his adulthood and family? Here is everything you need to know!

Family Details Of Kevin Samuels

While Kevin Samuels himself is the dating guru everyone looks upon, it looks like he really doesn’t apply his dating advice in his own relationships!

Kevin Samuels Net Worth
Family Details Of Kevin Samuels

If you talk regarding his dating phase of life, then you can never get an accurate number of girls he must have dated as who wouldn’t want to mingle with this guy!

We bet that amount might be a little extraordinary!

Kevin Samuels is officially a single man.But don’t get your hopes high as it seems like Kevin Samuels is not a family man after all.

He has been twice but ends up getting divorced, which makes us doubt why the great dating advice that he gives doesn’t apply to his own relationships while that has helped so many couples out there.

Kevin Samuels Relationship Status

Every one of his fans are curious about Kevin samuels wife?

But the bitter truth is that he has always kept these things away from the public domain. You would absolutely find no information regarding Kevin samuelsex wife unless he personally tells you!

Hence the question who is kevinsamuels wife will always remain a mystery still he himself breaks the silence of this topic.

Although, something mysterious is going on. He does have a rumoured girlfriend named SixfootahNefertari Jr, who is an influencer of femininity for black women and black love advocate.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth
Kevin Samuels Relationship Status

This claim has been made by keeping in mind the Instagram post of Kevin Samuels along with this model. But with no other clarification by them and very less presence of social media, no one is sure as to what is going on now between them.

Going on towards Kevin Samuels kids, less information is available because of his very strict private lifestyle.

After his marriage with the first wife, they had a beautiful daughter who’s name is still unknown to the public. But unfortunately, after being here they divorced. In his second relationship, there was no child. Rumours state that Kevin samuels daughter studies in Oklahoma and is an adult by now.

Well, his family details might not be that inspiring, but that isn’t the only factor that matters! Look upon his career history and gain some motivation to achieve your goals.

Kevin Samuels Career

Behind this success and gaining such fame is the hidden hardwork and struggles of Kevin Samuels.

  • Post graduation, he started working with the chemical industry.
  • After gaining some exposure, he then started working in Office Depot as a business development manager. Because of his exquisite nature and his deep potential, he did wonders for more than 3 and a half years in that company and gained everyone’s respect there too!
  • He is a man of vast experience. Despite being in the business and chemical industry, he worked in the advertisement field too! In 2009, he joined the media group named Supermedia where he made his team work together as an internal sales agent and utilised all their skills to make their brand more attractive.
  •  In 2013, he started the job with The Real Yellow Pages and proved a valuable asset there too!
  • Then comes his mega field, the aspect that changed everything for him, YouTube, which was started in May 2015. His YouTube videos on dressing sense, fashion style, black justice, dating advice went so viral and all his hard work finally paid off!

Now, comes the part everyone was waiting for, that is his net worth!

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

After all such job changes and finding his all-time career in YouTube and a lifestyle coach, Kevin Samuels earned a net worth of around 2 to 3 million dollars.

To corroborate it, it’s enough to look at his cars! Kevin Samuels car collection is a must see and he also owns Bentley and Rolls-Royce, which are so expensive and luxurious!

His all-time favourite sunglasses brand too is Ray Ban, which shows how fancy his lifestyle has become.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is kevin samuels profession?

Kevin Samuels is a dating expert advisor, influencer, image consultant and lifestyle coach.

2.   Does kevin samuels have a wife?

As of now, Kevin Samuels is single and has been divorced twice. There are many fake kevin samuels wife photo on the internet but don’t believe in them.

3.   What app does kevin samuels use?

Kevin Samuels is usually active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube.


To summarise, Kevin Samuels is the famous dating guru everyone absolutely loves. He is also a lifestyle coach that motivates everyone to achieve their desired goals.

Despite any controversy and hate regarding him, it’s always overpowered by the amount of love poured by his fans! Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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