Micah Sierra Williams is popularly known as Katt Williams, was born on 2nd September 1971. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, US. He is famous as a stand-up comedian, singer, actor, voice actor, and rapper. Williams has faith in Christianity and wears the cross during the shows. If you want to know about Katt Williams Net worth, Height, Weight, Age then read this article.

Katt Williams got his education from Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School and Colonel White High School. He was very talented and received a scholarship to the National Science Academy in Dayton.

He also received various awards for Science projects at the age of 12. He discontinued his studies for comedy shows.

Katt Williams started his career in 1999 with live stand-up comedy shows. He is a person of strong humor and comic sense.

Katt Williams Net Worth?

Katt Williams Net worth
Katt Williams Net worth

The famous American comedian, actor, singer Katt Williams’s highest net worth is $12 million, which rose from$10 million in 2020. But this depends on his hard work.

His constant efforts and dedication are responsible for his success in life. There are different sources of his earnings-

  • Katt Williams earned a huge sum of money from stand-up comedy shows.
  • He also earned money from television shows and films.
  • Through rapping and singing also Katt earned a ransom amount of money.

Katt Williams Net Worth And Cars.

Katt Williams has a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. He spent enough of his earnings in enjoying a stylish life.

He owned a huge property and likes to produce things in front of the public. Katt owned exclusive and expensive cars.

 Here is the list of Katt Williams cars and their subsequent price.

Cadillac Escalade$160,000
Rolls Royce Phantom$400,000
Lamborghini Aventador$450,000

Why Did Katt Williams Retire?

  • Katt Williams was taken to jail after a sudden and unwanted accident in Seattle, Washington.
  •  On 3rd December 2012, Katt Williams drew curtains of his stand-up comedy shows and he retired from his comedy career.
  • Katt Williams’s rude and aggressive behavior led to his downfall.
  • He got involved with several accidents and misdeeds during his comedy shows, which created a bad impression on his career and profession.

How Many Stand-ups Does Katt Williams Have?

Katt Williams started his career as a stand-up comedian in his Cincinnati neighborhood. After that, his comedy shows spread far and wide.

Katt Williams Net worth

Through these comedy shows he started his acting career also. He played the roles of different successful persons.

Here is the list of several Stand up Comedy Shows with their respective years.

Katt Williams Live: Let a Playa Play2006
The Pimp Chronicles, Pt.12006
It’s Pimpin Pimpin2008
Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife2013
Great America2018

Is Katt Williams Still Performing?

Katt Williams is still performing to make people laugh and feel excited. His showmanship brings him back to the stage. His jokes and comedy make people laugh heartily.

Here is the list of Katt Williams shows with their respective cities and dates.

Sunrise City20th August 2021
Tampa21st August 2021
Jacksonville27th August 2021
Orlando28th August 2021
Raleigh17th September 2021
Baltimore18th September 2021
Pensacola25th September 2021
Brooklyn9th October 2021

Katt Williams Movies

  • Katt William started his acting career while performing comedy shows.
  • He started his film career in 2002 and back-to-back acted in different movies.
  •  Katt Williams’s first movie was based on the American police procedural series.

Here is the list of Katt Williams movies with their respective years.

NYPD Blue2002
Wild ‘n Out2002
Friday After Next2002
First Sunday2008

Katt Williams Stand Up Movies

Katt Williams’s way of delivering comic monologue by standing in front of audiences and camera paved the way for his fame and popularity.

He won several awards for his outstanding acting. Katt Williams earned wealth and set for various comedy tours.

Katt Williams Netflix
Katt Williams Netflix

Here is the list of different Katt Williams stand-up movies.

My Wife and Kids2 Minutes of FameKatt Williams: 9 lives
Katt Williams: American HustleKatt Williams: Presents Katthouse ComedyKatt Williams: Pimpadelic
Grand Theft Auto IVThe BoondocksFlavour Flav

Katt Williams Netflix

Katt Williams in a comic show, held in 2006, utilizing his own experiences, style portrayed the life, pain, sorrows of the black people in The Lands of White “America”.

The name of the show is Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles: Pt. 1. This show is available on Netflix.

The show is in high demand still in the present-day situation as it focuses on the evils of our society like Drugs, politics, Pop culture.

Katt Williams not only acted in this show but he is also the writer of this show.

Katt Williams
Katt Williams

Katt Williams Kids

  • Katt Williams has a total of eight kids.
  • He has 1 biological son, named Micah Stephen Williams
  • Katt Williams has a daughter named Leanne Williams.
  • Katt Williams adopted other six children.

Katt Williams Family

  • Katt Williams was born in Ohio, but after getting separated from his family he lived in Dayton for several years.
  • In order to meet the expenses, he used to work as a vendor at an early age.
  • To fulfill his daily and basic needs he sometimes used to steal things, sell magazines, books.
  • His father was a member of The Black Panther Party.
  • He was married to Quadirah Locus and after their separation, he married Eboni Gray.
  • They have one biological son named Micah Stephen Williams and a daughter named Leanne Williams and adopted six children.

What Happened To Katt Williams?

  • Katt Williams has been arrested several times for various reasons-
  • He was arrested for robbery, creating damages to property.
  • He also physically abused five women along with his gang and stole their cell phones.
  • Katt Williams punched one of the organizers of the comedy show.
  • He also threatened to kill his bodyguard.
  • Katt Williams broke all terms and conditions of bonds.

Katt Williams Height, Weight & Eye Color

Katt Williams’s average height is 5 feet and 5 inches or 165 cm.

Katt Williams Family
Katt Williams Family

His body weight is about 66 kilograms.

He possesses brown colored eyes with dark brown colored hair.

A Pimp Named Slice back

  • Katt Williams in the year 2007, provided his melodious voice in a Pimp Named Slice back.
  •  It’s a fictional character from the Boondocks Television series.
  • It is one of the traits that describe the role of women to be determined by men. It creates barriers between male and female standings in society.
  • It’s an activity where female is considered as inferior to men.

How Much Does Katt Williams Make Per Show?

  • Katt Williams earns a salary of $240,000 from stand-up concerts.
  • Payments per show vary as per the venue and organization.
  • Still, he charges around $3,000 per night for stand-up shows.
  • As a freelance comedian, he earns $27,780 in a month.
  • Katt Williams receives $367,500 per episode for television series.
  • He charged $7.99 for his popular album “Its Pimpin’ Pimpin’.