Kamil McFadden Biography In Detail

“I don’t do anything without giving 100%,” says our favorite Kamil McFadden. Beloved for his role in Disney Channel’s series K.C. Undercover, Kamil McFadden has an effervescent charm and easy-going with both on-screen and off-screen. He started his career at a young age, he has come a long way from performing in plays. Kamil McFadden height

Most of his fans have seen him on screen all the time. But do you want to know what kind of person he is in real life? Then, hop on to our jeep, because we are going to give you a tour of his personal as well as professional life.

Initially, Macfadden came to prominence as Ernie in K.C. Undercover, and since then, fans have seen a huge growth in the actor. Talking about his growth in personality and acting, Ernie says “It is cool to see the growth you know where I came from and where I’m at right now”. 

Recently, Kamil McFadden has gained immense popularity among young viewers. He has appeared in various shows and films. So who is actually Kamil McFadden? Here is all you need to know about this talented man. 

Basic details about Kamil McFadden:

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on September 10, 1996, ‘Kamil McFadden’s Age’ is 24 years old. Yes, he is 24, but he looks quite younger than his age. Kids on screen grow up too soon, don’t they? 

Now, you must be wondering what is ‘Kamil McFadden’s Height‘? Well, he is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m), which is an average height of a person in America.

Kamil McFadden Family:

Kamil McFadden got raised by his loving mother and father in Atlanta, Georgia. Then, he spent his early years with his family in the southern U.S. states of Georgia and Alabama. Later on, their family moved to California, to help him in pursuing his acting career.

Just like us, he has a sibling too! ‘Kamil McFadden’s Brother’s name is Kimario McFadden, who is a professional soccer player. We must say, his family is filled with talented kids. Sadly, he doesn’t have a sister, but one is enough to make our childhood better, be it a brother or a sister!

But did you know that he shares a special bond with one of his on-screen sisters? Can you guess her name? Keep Guessing! Well, her name is Zendaya!

According to the sources, he considers her as his sister Zendaya. Their relationship is just like their characters act on their TV show. In the past few years, they have grown very close to each other.

You might have also noticed Kamil going live on Instagram with Zendaya. Apart from that, they love to hang out with each other or go out to watch shows and films. Kamil has learned a lot from Zendaya, who is also the producer of the show. 

Kamil McFadden has become a heartthrob among his young fans, but do you want to know what he was like when he was a kid? Then continue scrolling to read about the next piece!

Kamil McFadden Biography In Detail
Kamil McFadden Biography In Detail

Kamil McFadden Before Fame and Personal Life:

Our beloved Kamil started acting when he was just six years old. At the age of eight, he studied at the company Youth Ensemble of Atlanta (YEA). He gained knowledge about acting, dancing, as well as singing at YEA.

The aspiring entertainer polished his skills at various stage productions like Jeremy and the Lie, Times, Holiday Urban Soup, Library Dragon, as well as Raisin in the Sun. 

Kamil was a bright acting student, and this is why he got a chance to go abroad for a tour in China and perform at a six-day cultural arts performance, known as YEA Presents in Zhejiang. He nailed his act and proved to his family that he has the potential to become a successful actor.

But the real struggle began after Kamil and his mother moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2015. Kamil comes from an ordinary family, and he and his family had to endure hardship because they were financially unstable.

At a very young age, Kamil realized that he has to help his family and become a successful actor. So he tried his best and kept giving auditions for the various roles. At the critical phase of his life, Disney came to the rescue, and they gave him the perfect character to play.

 During his theatre days, he always thought about appearing on TV, because TV is ‘global’ and now his dream was becoming true. One thing that made him happy about acting is that anybody in any corner of the globe can watch him playing various roles on the TV.

And they would smile watching his acting, and that is what inspired Kamil to do better and never give up. This proves that Kamil McFadden has a heart of gold. Slowly and steadily, he made his way upwards in the graph.

When some kids were enjoying their lives, our Kamil was hustling day and night to make ends meet and make his name in the Hollywood industry. 

Before rising to fame, he also did a voice acting in an animated feature Rise of the Guardians in 2012.

Apart from that, he played as Bumpty in Grown Ups 2 in 2013. He also starred as Ernie Cooper on the Disney Channel series K.C. Undercover in 2015.

Kamil McFadden Rise To Stardom:

Finally, the Disney star got a breakthrough in his acting career. For Kamil, it was like getting wings to fly. Being a Marvel fan, his dream turned to reality when he got a chance to voice as Patriot, a.k.a Rayshaun Lucas. 

Just like his Character Ernie, Kamil has a big heart in real life too. He has a way of seeing things from a different perspective. He says that he doesn’t see himself as a role model and just sees himself as a person who tries to do good.

Indeed, he is a pure soul, and we need to appreciate stars like him, especially, who is coming from a Black family. You can check out his other roles in films and series in the table below.

Sr. No.Film / SeriesRoleYear
1.A Peacock Feathered BlueStanley2009
2.TrammelYoung David2009
3.House of PayneGordon2010
4.Awesomeness TVTimbo / Swag Master2013
5.Austin & AllyErnie Cooper2015
6.Love DailyGabriel2018
7.Marvel Rising: Secret WarriorsPatriot / Rayshaun Lucas2018
8.Marvel Rising: Heat of IronPatriot / Rayshaun Lucas2019
9.Caged BirdsJordan LucasNot Revealed
10.Paved New WorldsMilesNot Revealed
11.LamphillPresleyNot Revealed
Kamil McFadden Biography In Detail
Kamil McFadden Biography In Detail

Acting is his passion, but our heartthrob has many other talents as well. Continue your reading tour to know more about his hobbies and things he loves to do! 

Fast Facts about Kamil McFadden

  • When Kamil is free, he loves to play video games. Raise your hands if you love it too!
  • He is a great photographer too and loves to showcase his pictures on his social media platforms. He also wishes to become a credentialed photographer like Kevin Durant. Well, let’s hope this dream of his comes true!
  • He also enjoys playing Sudoku and solving word puzzles. We have got one smartypants right here!
  • His hobbies include playing football and basketball. So this is how he has maintained his physique?
  • He dreams of having his TV show one day. If his wish gets fulfilled, then he would live to become a producer and produce a sitcom for family.
  • Last but not the least, he can dance too. And boy, Kamil can strut his stuff and make you fall in love with his moves!

Final Words

The sky is a limit and our boy Kamil is a complete package of entertainment. He has got humor, class, fashion, acting, and the list goes on! All good things come to an end, so does this article. But we will be back with awesome articles soon!

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