The net worth of Bieber is increasing each year and Canadian people always proud of him? He is the singer who started his carrier from the Youtube channel and got huge fame in a very short time because of his talent. 

Justin Bieber’s net worth in 2016 is $215 million according to sources. His net worth increased up-to $15 million as compared to last year i.e in 2015 his total worth was $200 mil. Scooter Braun who is the current manager of Beiber, discovered him first.

His debut album “My World” earned $5 million and went big hit in many countries including the USA, Canada, and the UK. Many teen girls followed and love him.

He signed his first record contract with Usher. Unlike other artists, he got big support from his mother in a music carrier like he got a gift of “drum kit” from his mother on a second birthday.

Hit Songs Income:

Lets have a look on his carrier albums/songs and earning generated by them:

Justin Bieber Net Worth 2016 (millionaire journey)
Justin Bieber Net Worth 2016 (millionaire journey)
  1. LIVE MY LIFE = $4 million
  2. “AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME” = $22 million
  3. BOYFRIEND = $20 million
  4. “BEAUTY AND A BEAT” = $17.62 mil
  5. BABY= $19 million
  6. “ONE TIME” = $13 million
  7. “EENIE MEENIE” = $14.50 million
  8. “NEVER SAY NEVER” = $10 mil
  9. “SOMEBODY TO LOVE” =  $10 mil
  10. “MISTLETOE” = $7 mil
  11. “ONE LESS LONELY GIRL” = $10 mill
  12. “ALL THAT MATTERS” = $8 million

Quick facts:

  • Justin Bieber Net Worth 2016: $215,000,000
  • Source of money: Singing, YouTube Star, live concerts, songwriting
  • Born and live place: Ontario, Canada and currently lives in Atlanta.

Who loves live music? Yes, we all! Bieber’s total ticket sales Revenue in 2015 is $145,000,00 while this figure was $130 mil in 2014 (157 Shows). You often heard celebrities also earn from YouTube channels. Yes, he also makes an average of $16 mil each year from his YouTube channel.

He is fully active in music since 2008 and in my views, he will cross other big names in the singing industry soon. His other income like guest appearance, featuring with other stars, and sponsorship amount per year is $29 million.

Now you know how much Justin Bieber worth in 2k15. Now it is time to know about Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Austin Mahone. I wish I would be such a rich person like them.