Yes, this article is dedicated to the famous and the most aspiring person, Julia Louis Dreyfus who has an estimated net worth of around $250 million!

If you are in your mid-age then I’m sure you have watched the sitcom Seinfeld religiously and would have absolutely loved the character of Elaine Benes.

She is a prominent American actress and a famous comedian who has given a commendable performance in the world of television and acting and has aggregated a net worth of up to $250 million!

Yes, 250 million USD. This woman is the most inspiring personality that I know of and she is one of the top self-made women alive on the face of this earth.

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Julia has not earned all this money out of her acting career. She inherits a huge amount of money because her father is the chairman of Louis-Dreyfus Energy Services which clearly explains the reason for such a high net worth.

Apart from Seinfeld, her famous work was The New Adventures of Old Christine too helped her in earning loads of money. Currently, her famous comedy Sitcom “Veep” is the major source of her earnings and the statistics denote that her earnings per episode are up to $150 thousand.

Julia is not a billionaire at the moment but since she is the eldest and she will inherit a handsome amount after her father’s death, it is estimated that she‘ll have a net worth of up to $1 billion in the future.

Hence she will then fall into the category of top billionaire women in the world.

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