“John Felix Anthony Cena” is worldwide famous with his stage name John Cena. According to a number of reliable sources, he is having more than $35 Million of net worth. Currently, he earns $3,500,000 pay from WWE excluding different bonuses.

John Cena Salary/career earning 2015:$3,500,020
Winning and other Bonus$1,166,673
John Cena Net worth:$34.700,000
Profession:Wrestler (WWE) and actor/rapper
Endorsements/other Income:$875,005
Born Place:West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States
Born Date:23-Apr-77
Full or real name:John Felix Anthony Cena
Market Value$17,500,100

Still committed to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), John Cena appeared into the professional stage of world wrestling in the year 2001.

All through his 12+ years, wrestling career John Cena has effectively earned himself a status of legend already in the industry with 19 titles. He also got $100,000 from the John Cena Brand which is totally associated with the WWE.

He is also a good rapper and actor apart from beating the people inside the ring. His movie You Can’t See Me got was being ranked at 15 locally. WWE Studios delivered Cena’s first film – The Marine.

John Cena salary, net worth 2015 (fan of heavy muscle cars)
John Cena salary, net worth 2015 (fan of heavy muscle cars)

The film earned $7 Million locally in its 1st week. After the 10th week of its release, the film netted $18.7 Million. It also made $30 Million in rentals in the initial 12 weeks after being released on DVDs.

In 2013 he earned $5,000,000 from a number of sponsorship acts.

YearJohn Cena SalaryJohn Cena wrestler Net worthWinning Bonus
2015-2017 (according to contract)$4,025,023

I believe he is earning a comfortable life from all the money he has earned. He is having good heavy muscle cars in his garage showing his love for vehicles.

West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States is the place where he was born. John Cena is one of the best professional wrestlers who was born on 23-Apr-77.

According to Forbes 2015 salary, John Felix Anthony Cena is earning $3,500,020 per year while winning a bonus is $1,166,673 Now you know how much John Cena earns.

He has a market value of $17,500,100.In 2015 expected payroll of John Cena is $4,025,023.

He lives in a luxury home worth $13,000,000 in Florida. He has generously contributed a lot to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a number of other charity organizations around the U.S and outside as well.

He is a patriotic person who always tries to raise his nation’s flag high in front of millions. [Image source profightdb]