Jason Earles’s net worth is $8 Million. I would like to tell you some amazing things about him when he worked as a cast member of Hannah Montana.

He remains the part of it in one way or another, from start to end of the complete show. He was about 29 years of age when he performed his role of 19 years in Hannah Montana.

  • Jason Earles net worth: $8,200,000
  • This young guy yearly money: $3 million
  • Sponsors: $1 million

He has not achieved much as a comedian what he achieved from acting. Also a martial artist, he is still a reliable actor.

Despite being active from the year 2003, he has not stepped up to the expectations whereas his fellow actress whom he has worked a lot in the start, “Miley Cyrus” is now one of the best and one of the most wanted artists in the world.

You can guess on his success factor by the fact that he has only been nominated once in professional category awards and he was not able to win the award.


I can only say good luck to him because he has already passed his prime time. But still, he has big money in banks.

Net Worth of Jason Earles in these years

2014: $5,000,000
2015: $6,500,000
2016: $8,000,000

“Jason Daniel Earles” has financial power of $8 Million. He has earned more than $1.3 million each from the movies Hannah.

Montana and Dadnapped whereas more than $650,000 and $860,000 from Aaron Stones and Space Buddies movies respectively. Started gathering popularity from his Hannah Montana role, he is not only an actor but also a comedian.

Also known for his contribution to the movie Kickin It, his professional acting career made a debut with the Still Ending tv series which remained alive from the year 2002 and ended in 2006.