If you love to watch English movies, then you must have heard about Gavin Free. His character as Rooster Teeth has a great impact on people’s minds. You will always find Gavin Free with a smile on his face. A brilliant actor, who always tries to bring perfection, whatever he does in his life. Gavin Free Net Worth.

Now, let’s go through some of his facts, how much he is earning and a little bit of personal of him as there are massive searches about Gavin Free height, Gavin Free weight and many more.

Gavin Free Net Worth :

Gavin Free’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. Most of his earnings come from acting, directing, producing, and cinematography. Gavin Free Net Worth His is talented and his you tube-based web series

“The Slow Mo Guys” is much popular among his fans. He creates the slow-motion footage of stunts, garnering and he does many experiments in his shows.  He is a hardworking English actor. Gavin Free Net Worth.

Gavin Free Biography :

Original Name : Gavin David Free

Nickname : Vav

Date of Birth : 23 May, 1988

Gavin Free Age : Age as of 2021 , 32 years old

Place of Birth : Thame, Oxfordshire, England

Gavin Free House : Currently he is staying in Austin, Texas.

Zodiac sign : Gemini

Occupation : Actor, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Youtuber

Years Active : 2006 to present

Popular for : The Slow Mo Guys, Achievement Hunter, Roster Teeth

Spouse/ partner : Meg Turney (2013 to present )

Parents : David W. Free (Father)/ Anna F. Imperato (Mother)

Show Partner : Daniel Gruchy

Gavin Free Social Media : He is in Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and gavin free instagram has around 357k followers.

Gavin Free Height : 5ft 10inch (1.78m)

Early Life and Career :

Gavin Free was born in Thame, Oxford Shire, United Kingdom. His upbringing happened there. He went to Lord William’s school. When Gavin was 18 years old (2006), he got hired by a production company called “Green Door Films” as a camera operator and data technician. There he learned everything about, slow-motion camera skills and techniques.

Later, he joined a popular supermarket in Britain and there he met his friend Daniel Gruchy. They both had decided to produce the very popular youtube show “ Slow Mo Guys”.  He used sophisticated cameras to make good quality videos. After that YouTube partners voted

Gavin Free Net Worth
Gavin Free Net Worth

“The Slow Mo Guys” as the best show. After producing that show, he has become more skilled and after that, he started making videos for famous musicians. Gavin Free Net Worth

After got through the music, he also stepped into the movie-making and acting career. In the year 2009, Rooster Teeth, an American production company took Gavin Free for giving direction to one of their show called “Red. Vs Blue”.

Gavin Free Net Worth. It was the 7th season of the web series. The same year Gavin Free started in a new mini-series called “Captain Dynamic”.  

Gavin Free Work :

Web Series :

2008 – 2009 : Red vs. Blue

2009 : Captain Dynamic as Gavin

2009 to Present : Rooster Teeth Shorts as Gavin

2010 to Present : The Slow Mo Guys ( He is continuing this show as himself)


  • The Gauntlet ( He appeared as himself as contestant)
  • Chris Hardwick’s All – Star Celebrity Bowling (He appeared as himself )
  • He released a music video named “Odds Are”

2013 to Present :

In the Web series Immersion , he acted as himself .

2013 to 2015 :

You Tube Rewind (The Slow Mo Guys)

2014 :

  • Did I say That Out Loud , he appeared as ‘ that guy 21’
  • Ten Little Roosters , he appeared as Gavin Prime/ Gavin Two

2014 to 2015 :  

  •  X – Ray and Vav , he was a voice artist there as Vav

2014 to 2016 :

  • Web Series name “Happy Hour”, where he appeared as Himself


  • You Tubers React , he appeared as Gavin Free in 3 episodes
  • RWBY , he worked as a voice over artist in the volume 3

2016 :

  • In the web series “Crunch Time” he appeared as Gavin in the episode “The Big Sleep”
  • Day 5 , as Morgue Raver
  • The Eleven Roosters , as Gavin III

2018 to present :

  • The Super Slow show, he appeared as himself . He is also the produce and the editor of the show.

Film Career :

Gavin Free Net Worth

2015 :

  • Let’s Play Live : The Documentary
  • Lazer Team
  • Reunited

2017 :

  • Lazer Team 2

2018 :

  • Blood Fest

Television Shows :

2014 to 2016 :

  • @midnight

2015 to 2018 :

  • The Late Late Show with James Corden

Apart from all these web series, movies, and television shows he also has some non – performance credits, podcasts,, and one popular video game with the name “Trials Rising”. Gavin Free Net Worth

Conclusion :

We have enough respect for this self made star who is breaking the internet with his talents. We wish him great success ahead of him, and we will be waiting for more shows like “The slow mo guys” All the best Gavin Free !