Constance Nunes is a very popular American model, Constance Nunes Net Worth, and a TV personality at the same time. She gained fame after starring in the car’s television reality show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches,” which got streamed in the year 2013.

Constance Nunes also works in the Gotham garage as an engine specialist. As of date, the net worth of Constance Nunes is roughly about $2 million.

Constance Nunes’ Biography

Constance Nunes' Biography
Constance Nunes’ Biography

Constance Nunes is not only a model-actress but also a great mechanic. Nunes was born on November 17th, 1989, in LA. So, how old is Constance Nunes?

As of July 2021, her age is 31. She is an American citizen, and Constance Nunes’ father was an amateur racer and seasoned mechanic too. 

Nunes worked on cars with her dad from a young age, and from there, she uncovered her passion for cars and car repair and in mechanics. Constance Nunes is a famous model, actress, car owner, entrepreneur, mechanic, social media influencer at the same time.

She is an Internet star from the United States of America, and she rose to fame after appearing in the Netflix TV series named Car Masters. She has been a popular face, and the net worth of Constance Nunes is almost around $2 million.

Family of Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes was born to Ernie Nunes and her mother. Nunes shares a close bond with her father, as can be easily understood by her photos which she shares in the Constance Nunes’ Instagram handle.

She also said once that her father is her greatest inspiration. Well, Nunes never said anything regarding her mother. Nether she had any photos with her mother.

Constance Nunes belongs to a mixed ethnic background. She is half Portuguese and half American. There is no more information about her family that has been brought to the world. 

Constance Nunes' father
Constance Nunes’ father

Modeling Career of Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes was fond of cars since her childhood. She saw her father working on cars and participating in car races. She has also worked as a mechanic and mostly worked on the engines of the cars.

But, most importantly, Constance Nunes is a model, and she started her modeling career after her teenage. Constance Nunes began her career as a model from a pretty famous car trade show.

As a child, she often used to hang around her father’s garage. She often would tag along for his races, and it was then that she was discovered and chosen as a model for one of those racing events. 

As per Constance Nunes’ Instagram details, she is managed by the NTA talent agency. She has modeled for many brands, which includes clothing brands and many more.

According to her Instagram account, she is on the top page of the Marciano by Guess site as of the latest update in July 2021.

Constance Nunes is the prime face of the JLUXLABEL brand. In addition to these modeling brands, she has also modeled for cosmetics and accessories. 

Constance Nunes has also appeared in a number of music videos, which include the dance track “I’m a Freak” by Enrique Inglesias featuring Pitbull.

In addition, she has also performed various stunt works in the films Bring it On and Dodgeball. Constance Nunes is certainly a multi-talented person. 

Modeling Career of Constance Nunes
Modeling Career of Constance Nunes

The Net Worth Of Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes’ net worth is around $2 million as of the latest update in July 2021. She has worked as a model, as a mechanic, TV star, Internet Star from the United States, and also for promoting various brands on her social media pages, especially on Instagram. 

Age and Height of Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes’ height is 5 feet 7 inches, or 170 cm. She weighs about 115 lb, which is around 52 kg. She has brown hair. The color of her eyes is brown. Therefore, as of now, Constance Nunes’ age is 31. She has mixed ethnicity.

Is Constance Nunes married?

Yes, Constance Nunes is married. She is hitched to her long-time boyfriend ‘Jared Toller.’ Constance Nunes and Jared Toller got engaged in late 2018. They married on February 9, 2019.

The grand wedding ceremony of Nunes and Toller was held at Newhall Mansion in Piru, California. Constance Nunes and Jared Toller tied their wedding knots in an intimate ceremony in front of their families and friends. 

Constance Nunes’ net worth is roughly estimated to be around $2million as of July 2021, whereas Jarred Toller’s net worth is around $800k USD, but we do not have any detailed information about his income sources.

Social Media Activity of Constance Nunes

The model Constance Nunes is pretty active on various social media sites. She is a certified personal trainer. Nunes uses her Instagram account for her promotions and to showcase her social lifestyle.

Constance Nunes has over 2 million followers on Instagram to promote her business. She also created a YouTube channel in March of 2016, but she has not, however, published a single video since 2018.  

Jared Toller got engaged
Jared Toller got engaged

Constance Nunes’ Wikipedia Information

There is much information regarding Constance Nunes in Wikipedia. Here, we have summarized them and gathered them under an umbrella.

i. Constance Nunes was born on November 17, 1989. Constance Nunes’ age is 32 as of November 2021.

ii. Her zodiac symbol is Scorpio.

iii. Constance Nunes’ father was a car mechanic and participated in many car races. Constance Nunes’ interest in cars and mechanics was from her father.

iv. Constance Nunes’ net worth is estimated to be $2million as of July 2021.


1.Is Constance really a Mechanic?

Yes, Constance Nunes is a mechanic, and she also has a career in the modeling industry. She acted in the Gotham Garage show, which made her extremely popular.

2.Does Constance Nunes really work at Gotham’s Garage?

Yes, Constance Nunes Worked at Gotham Garage reality show.

3.Is Constance Nunes Married?

Yes, Constance Nunes has been married to Jared Toller since February 9, 2019.

4.How much is Mark from Gotham Garage worth?

Constance Nunes’ net worth is almost around $2million as of the latest report that got published in July 2021.


Gotham Garage star Constance Nunes is not only a model-actress but also. She is a trained mechanic. She is very much fond of cars, and she once stated that she derived the interest in machinery and cars from her father.

In this article, there are many details we have discussed regarding the model career of Constance Nunes, her family, net worth, and her social media influence stories.

Constance Nunes is a great person and has been very popular in recent times.

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