Singer, AYO has a net worth of $5 million. Popular as “Ayo”, she has a long name of “Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin” inherited from Nigeria. She always tries that the music should be the one talking with the people.

  • AYO net worth: $5,000,000
  • Yearly Money: $1.7 million

I like her music because it always has a nice meaning in the lyrics, easily understandable. A self-learner of the guitar has provided less but nice songs/albums for every age group. She has also starred in some acting roles to further highlight her career in a good and positive way.

With earning more than $4.7 Million from her albums till now, she currently holds a net worth of $5 Million.


Her earnings from this music:

Billie-Eve $4,166,667
Gravity at Last $3,125,000
Joyful $2,857,143
I’m Gonna Dance $2,564,103
Lonely $2,173,913

She changed her name to Ayo just because of her father as he wanted her little girl to be known as a Nigerian talent around the globe. He asked her to do this after the release of her first-ever song. People travel around the world for fun but she is a world traveler because of her.

From Germany to London, Paris to New York, etc., she has traveled to many popular places just for professional work. It is like, traveling is a born habit in her. Despite having a strong connection with Germany, she never ever sung a song in German and that is because she does not find the necessary rhythm in it.

Music can be a medication or weapon, Ayo strongly believes that every type of music must have a good purpose rather than destroying people. This positive thinking makes her more likable. Before stepping in to the pool of singing, she started as a rapper but found it later to be more annoying and disturbing.