One of the questions that we are asked most often is how to find cheap flights to United States. There are several ways, and I’m going to share four with you now!

The first way is by using a flight comparison website such as Skyscanner or Google Flights. These websites will allow you to compare prices across different airlines in order to find the cheapest option possible for your desired destination. The next way is by flying into one city and out of another city in the USA. For example, if you want to fly from London Heathrow airport (LHR) and return from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), then this would be an option for finding cheaper flights because there may be less competition between airlines. Another way to find cheap flights is by using flexible dates. For example, if you are flying from London Heathrow airport (LHR) and want to return on the 12th of December but don’t care what time in the day, then this may be an option for finding cheaper flights because airlines will have more availability than they would with a fixed date. And finally there is booking at off-peak times such as during school holidays or spring break when prices can often decrease significantly!

Here are some tips that we share with our customers daily:

Book early – This tip applies especially well around busy periods like Christmas and Thanksgiving where tickets tend to sell out quickly;

Flights within Europe usually cost less than those between Europe and the USA – Whilst flights to Europe are usually cheaper than those between Europe and the US, it’s important that you don’t just blindly book a flight to anywhere in Europe because prices can vary significantly depending on where in Europe you are flying. For example, if your final destination is Florida then this will likely be much cheaper than going to Prague or Amsterdam even though they may seem closer;

Booking with low cost carriers often yields lower fares but keep an eye out for hidden costs such as checked bag fees which could end up costing more than the initial savings.

Be flexible when booking dates – This tip applies especially well around busy periods like Christmas and Thanksgiving where tickets tend to sell out quickly. One way of reducing how long you wait for a ticket is to be flexible with your dates and consider departing during the less busy period.

Find out which airport you’re flying from – Depending on where in Europe that you are, it may not always be cheaper to fly into London or Paris as opposed to Berlin because of different rules about what airlines can charge at particular airports;

Consider taking advantage of any deals offered by your hotel chains – Hotels often have deals specifically geared towards people who want accommodation combined with airfare and other benefits such as discounts at attractions nearby their location. You might also find some hotels offer flights exclusively through them too!

Check the airlines in your region. You may not have heard of them, but they are often cheaper than their national counterparts and with a bit of research you can find out what’s on offer too;

Consider flying at night when prices for flights tend to be lower as many people avoid travelling then which means there is less demand and more seats available.”

One way to ensure that you end up getting cheap tickets for international travel is by being flexible about dates. For example, if you’re traveling from Europe it might make sense to leave during the slower period rather than waiting until just before Christmas or New Year when everything becomes very busy. The bottom line is: don’t set your heart on going somewhere unless you know it will work out as it’s always worth shopping around and keeping your options open,

Be aware of the date you’re going to travel on too. For example, if you are travelling during peak season then flights will be more expensive with less availability so again – be flexible about dates!

If you want to find cheap international flights for any destination in the world then there is really only one thing that you need: lots of time. If a flight costs £200 from London to New York but another company has them at £100 when fares start increasing (or sometimes they might come down), waiting until prices change can pay off big time. Keep an eye out for price changes or check sites like Skyscanner which update their prices every day; you don’t have to book your flights immediately, just keep an eye on the price and if it changes then buy!

Only fly with airlines that you trust. Airlines can get mixed reviews but in general flying is a safe way to travel so try not to let safety concerns factor too heavily into which airline you choose; rather focus more on their reliability or how much they cost. If there are two similar fares from London to New York for example, one priced at £200 and another priced at £50 – do some research about the company behind those prices before booking them blindly as sometimes these rates will be tempting but high risk (i.e., low-cost carriers like Ryanair).


The last way is by flying to a city in Canada and crossing the border. You can find cheap flights that fly into Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, which is only about an hour away from Buffalo airport (BUF). If you are looking for budget-friendly options then this method may be your best bet!  So there you have it – four ways to get cheaper flights to United States without sacrificing travel convenience or comfort. Happy travels!